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For easier and more convenient use of the service, it is possible to create a user account by entering a user name, an email address and a password. Registered users have the option of managing their own files, and in particular deleting them.

The parallel use of multiple user accounts is not permitted. The creation of a new user account is also not permitted if a previous user account (e.g. due to violation of these terms of use) was deleted by the provider.

The transfer of user data to third parties is prohibited. The user must treat the access data assigned to him confidentially.

Use of the Service

User is authorized to use the Service in accordance with these Terms of Use.

The use of the service requires a minimum age of 18 years.

File size is limited to a maximum of 30 megabytes as a registered user and 5 megabytes as a guest.

Uploading files whose content violates applicable law is prohibited.
If you are unsure whether the file you are uploading is not acceptable, do not upload that file.
In particular, it is also forbidden to upload files if the duplication and/or publication of these files infringes third-party copyrights, trademarks or patent rights. Accordingly, the following files, among others, may not be uploaded to the provider's servers:

  • Files that contain malware of any kind, e.g. viruses or spyware
  • Photos, videos (e.g. films, TV series), pieces of music or texts protected by copyright of third parties
  • Files that violate the personal honor of third parties and/or their personal rights
  • Files that infringe the right of third parties to their own image or data protection
  • Files with hate speech
  • Files containing depictions of minors in inappropriate gendered postures and/or sexual abuse.
  • Files whose content is subject to youth protection, in particular pornographic and violent writing, images or films.

For reporting illegal content, please use our contact form

The provider is entitled to block or delete uploaded files without prior notice if there is reasonable suspicion that the content does not comply with these terms of use (GTC).

There is never a legal right to be able to upload a specific file to the provider's server.
The provider is entitled to use filter software to check files to be uploaded and to prevent the upload if there is any suspicion.

In no case does the provider adopt the content uploaded by the user as its own or promote it. The provider does not check files for malware. Uploading and downloading a file is always at your own responsibility and risk.

Availability and Liability

The provider endeavors to make the service available at all times.
100 percent availability is not technically feasible and is therefore expressly not guaranteed by the provider.
However, the provider endeavors to keep the service available as constantly as possible. In particular, maintenance, security or capacity issues as well as events that are beyond the provider's control (disruptions to public communication networks, power failures, etc.) can lead to disruptions or temporary unavailability.
The provider will, as far as possible, carry out maintenance work in times of low usage.

The provider assumes no liability for the loss of files uploaded by the user.

Other than that, the provider is only liable in the event of gross negligence or intent and for bodily harm.

The user is liable for the content he/she posts.
In this respect, he releases the provider from all claims asserted against the provider by third parties due to illegal or unlawful content. This also includes reimbursement of the provider's necessary legal defense costs.

Deletion of user account

The user can delete his user account at any time.
Deleting the user account does not automatically delete all files uploaded via the user account.
Files that are no longer wanted should therefore be deleted before deleting the user account.

The provider is entitled to block or delete user accounts if the user violates the terms and conditions, in particular uploads illegal files.

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